Interview mit Rugby-Schiedsrichterin aus Südafrika

Die weiteste Anreise zum Bonn  Sevens jat sicherlich Ashley Murray, 22 Jahre, Studentin aus Johannesburg. Wir haben ihr, kaum A: angekommen, gleich ein paar Fragen gestellt:

F:You must be the youngest referree around. How did you become a referree??
A:I started when I was 15. I watched rugby and was totally confused and didn’t understand the rules. So my dad suggested to become a referree. 


F: You don’t play rugby yourself??
A: No. I used to play touch rugby but was useless

F: And how did you become an international referree so young??
A: Someone from World Rugby saw me in Dubai and must have thought I had some potential.

F: And how did you get to Bonn as referree of the Bonn Sevens??
A: South Africa wants to have its referrees to gain international referrees.

F: When you heard Bonn, what did you think.
A: Honestly BeeTHoVen!!